Do parents go along?


Member safety is our top priority.  The first adults positions are filled by staff members who are former parents that have been on the trip multiple times. They have the training, bring valuable experience, know the safety procedures, the area, the venues, the bathrooms and have been there and done that many times. All of them have had background checks, have been finger printed and cleared to work with children. I trust them. I trust them to care for your members to the standard I set for myself. 

For parents to attend we like to have at least 115 members on a trip. Parents play a valuable role on the trip with us. The number of parents we take is based on how many total members go. We use a written application and interview processes to select potential parents. Parents that show interest in helping should be involved throughout the year. Work the car wash, come to meetings and get to know the staff. Being part of the Club in an active way helps us to make better choices. 

Chaperones positions are not always free to go, you may need to pay your way. In addition, you may have to pay a $250 processing fee once they have been selected. The fee covers the cost of your history and chaperone books, issued shirts, background/finger print checks and other misc. items.

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