What if you have bad weather?


Bad weather is half the fun. 

We do not stop for rain, wind, snow, and heat. At our family meeting we will cover in depth the right clothing, shoes and simple things to bring to make your trip fun and easy. 

We will show you how to pack and what type of luggage works the best. 

  • Warmth is all about layers not bulk. T-shirt, fleece, rain coat = warm dry and order free. 
  • Hoodies work well to keep your warm, serve as a great layer, but can stay wet. 
  • A fleece jacket is a good option for warmth and light weight packing.
  • Even better, a soft shell will cover you for 98% of the trip. 

For heavy rain, you can’t beat a light waterproof coat or at least water resistant. Stay away from ponchos, that just do not work for all day coverage without ripping. 

For shoes, think comfy and supportive. Good leather cross trainers, sneakers or something water proof is best. A light hiker is a good choice and more than one pair is ideal. No open toed sandals or shoes while out touring.

Check our Expedition Gear options to find the best solutions for the trip.

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