The Finer Points to Understand

  • Membership is open to all 8th graders
  • Membership is required for every member
  • Students must maintain a S average in citizenship while a club member
  • Adhere to the Club Code of Conduct while a club member
  • This is an extracurricular activity club

Optional Fundraising

  • Offered to all members to lower the final cost of the trip
  • Gives ownership to the member 
  • Individual financial accounts are maintained
  • Fundraising materials will be available to everyone at each meeting 

Requirement for 8th students 

  • A $400 Trip Deposit payment will be due at the October meeting
  • Final payment is due at the January meeting
  • Students must maintain a S average in citizenship while a club member

Membership Includes

  • Fundraising privileges
  • Optional Monthly Trip Payment Account
  • Access to printed materials for fundraising
  • Digital and printed trip information, forms and more
  • Access to online forms 
  • Optional Email & Text Alert Notifications
  • Commemorative Club t-shirt 
  • Club wristband
  • (2) Personalized Luggage Tags
  • Club Photo ID card
  • Trip Field Guide   (printable)
  • Historical Guide (electronic)
  • 8x10 capitol Club group picture

The membership fee is required and non refundable. The fee provides each student with the above listed items. 
Additionally,  a portion of that fee goes to support and fund the Club’s administrative costs, expense and more. 

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This is not a Fullerton School District sponsored field trip and publications are not prepared at district expense.