The Club Is

The adventure of a lifetime

  • Fun, travel, adventure
  • Making your own choices each day
  • Learn something new in really fun ways
  • See things that you have never seen
  • Yes, you can have your cell phone
  • Yes, you can have your iPod
  • Some time off of school
  • Being a part of something special 
  • A cool t-shirt
  • You can wear a hat
  • You can chew gum
  • There is a party on the last night
  • It's only 10 days, but it could change your life

Friends, new and old, Club Members share something special between them that no one else at school will have. If you don't go, you will never know.

Adventure, travel and new places. See the places you read about.

Time on your own. That's right, 10 days and no parents. You pick your food, what to wear, who to hang with, how to spend your money and so much more. All the while you are secretly learning responsibility and self reliance.

History like no book or classroom can deliver. You will have a chance for history you can touch, feel, walk through and live like no other. 

Community. Being a part of something bigger and working together.

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