Circle Groups

Will I have to tour the entire trip in my Circle Group?

“Circle Up!" Each student member is assigned an adult. Each adult has about 15-17 students in their Circle. Each student has a number (1,2,5…) and they will learn the number of the person on their left and right.

Students find their adult, we circle up, they count off and we are done. I check with the adults and just like that we have counted over 100 people in two minutes. If someone is not there, we know exactly who it is.

Then we break up and back to your friends.

We Circle Up 4-8 times a day depending on the tour schedule and events. 

The airport is the only exception. We move through an airport in our assigned Circle Groups. This keeps us from overwhelming security and the check-in counter and spaces out the groups as they move towards the gate. Each adult only has to focus on their assigned students through check-in and security. Then we all meet up at the gate. 

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