Flying to DC

How we strap you to a plane and GO!

Flying with 30 or 80 or 100 students plus adults is a challenging task at best, when everyone at the airport seems to be working against you. Think back to the last time you went through an airport with just you and maybe one other person. Now add 80 more people to that.

Our goal is direct: Safe and Simple. We do all we can to make sure the entire process is safe and simple for all.


The names are required by the airlines well before roommates are chosen. 


We fly with United Airlines with a group contract. 

What that means is 

  • You can’t book your own ticket 
  • You can’t use your frequent flyer miles to purchase a ticket 
  • You can’t pick your seat or pick which flight you will be on 

You Do

  • Get to use milage plus number and earn miles
  • Get a guaranteed seat
  • Have fixed rate pricing
  • If the crew let’s us we can move seats once airborne

In a perfect world we would all be on same the plane. But that is not reality, so we have two flights. Some of the adults and student members will travel first on Red flight and some on the second Blue flight. Each flyer is randomly assigned a flight and seat. Once those assignment are made, the Chaperone (counting) groups are generated.


  • Coach transportation to and rom Parks
  • DC Trails coach transportation for 10 days 
  • Modern coaches with electoral and wifi

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