Pack It Up

Making It All Fit

Luggage Choice

  • A duffel bag is the best choice
  • 49 pound limit - Duffel fully loaded is 21 pounds. 
  • We highly recommend and prefer non wheeled luggage.
  • The Club DC Duffel Offers
    • Approx. size: 27.25" w x 13.5" h x 14.5" d
    • 5,372 cubic inches of room - 2 pounds empty
    • 3 side pockets plus main compartment
    • Your name embroidered  

Remember to Layer 

Big puffy jackets, scarves and ski pants are not the ideal choice. Think layers, a t-shirt then maybe a hoodie, then a jacket if it is really cold. As you heat up you can peal one off layers as needed.

Staying warm, dry and happy makes for a great trip. We never know what the weather will be, could be cold, hot, sunny, windy, rainy or all of it one one day. So pack something for each. Shorts for warm, pants for cold, a jacket for wind and rain and hoodie for cozy. We have all kinds of weather on the trip. Now that we go in March we see snow, winds and temps that average between 40 and 55 degrees.

Think about this

  • Fleece stays warm when wet and dries quickly
  • A hoodie will keep you warm in dry, cool weather
  • Soft-shell jackets protect from wind, light rain, cold and snow
  • Hoods are awesome 
  • Party Wear - No fancy dresses or shoes or No tux or suits
  • Come as you are to the party. Pants would be nice or may a button down shirt, but no one is judging
  • Sweats, work out pants, running pants, ect. are fine for the hotel only! Do Not wear them while touring or traveling
  • Be sure to read the packing guide and clothing guidelines before you pack

Got questions, ask, don’t assume.

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