Roommate Survival

How to Survive Your Choices

I know you made your choice the day you signed up and set in stone the friends you will have around you for 24 hours a day for next 10 days. Everyday they will be right there looking back at you.

Oh the joy of BFFs. To be 14 again, to live a blissful, happy life free of care. 

Then day two, somewhere around 1 am, it might all go wrong.... She WHAT? HE WHAT? The sound fills the hall of the hotel late at night. Phones ring, adults rise to meet the tears. Sometimes roommates go bad.

Survival tips - Ok so maybe you have considered not picking your best friends or maybe you are stuck on it. No problem, lets figure out how to keep them.

  • Sleep every night. Nothing makes you say stuff that is hard to take back more than the lack of sleep
  • Keep healthy. Drink water, take your regular medication and communicate with us when you feel bad 
  • You are going to stink up the bathroom. Face it, we all smell
  • Respect each other's needs and privacy
  • Rumors and gossip will kill friendship faster than ice cream melts in the sun
  • Everyday is a new day. Let go and forgive

We can help - You are not on your own, communicate

As a group you need to try and work it out first, but the adults are there to help.

To smooth things out try

  • Spending the day apart
  • Riding different buses
  • Eating with other people 
  • Touring with your new shiny friends

No matter what your choices are most roommates come back happy. However, when things do go bad, you’ll be happy you found new might need them.

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